The informant Yulia Stepanova WADA had asked the IOC to put it to the Olympics

Informant world anti-doping Agency (WADA), Russian runner Yulia Stepanova, which the IOC had previously refused to participate in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, was asked to reconsider this decision. This follows from the treatment that she and her husband Vitaly Stepanov sent to the Director General of the IOC Christophe de Cepero, according to Reuters.

On Sunday, the Commission the IOC on ethics announced that, as Stepanova had previously dope, she can’t be allowed to play as the athlete does not meet the ethical requirements of the IOC. The IOC Executive Board accepted this recommendation and in the end contented himself invited Stepanova and her husband to the Olympics in Rio only as spectators.

“We respectfully decline Your invitation as the audience, and kindly ask that You treat Yulia with a fair attitude it deserves”, – quotes Agency the text of the appeal.

It also notes that the IOC decision “unfair, as it is based on fallacious statements.”

WADA had previously expressed disappointment with the fact that the IOC has allowed to participate in the Olympics Stepanova. “WADA is concerned about the signal that the IOC sent to people who want to testify in the future,” said WADA Director General Olivier Niggli.

Yulia Stepanova and her husband Vitaly Stepanov became the heroes of one of the films of the German TV channel ARD about doping in athletics. In the film, the athlete told about the systematic violation of anti-doping legislation in Russian athletics and the ways to circumvent doping control.