The sixth convocation of the state Duma adopted a record number of laws for twenty years

In the last spring session of the sixth convocation of the state Duma adopted the law 384, follows from the statistics of the legislative process, published on the website of the state Duma (there are statistics available from the second to the sixth convocation (1996-2016).. According to her, neither the convening of the Parliament in one session did not take many laws. The last record was set the sixth convocation during the spring session of 2014, when there were 295 of the laws.

Max adopted laws of the second convocation was equal to 223 documents, third 158, fourth – 227, the fifth – 267.

According to the statistics of the sixth convocation as a whole was a record both in the number of laws passed and the number of introduced bills. In total, 2012-2016 were introduced in Parliament 6012 bills (in the fifth convocation — 4390, in the fourth — 4808, third — 4323, in the second — 4032). Adopted the sixth convocation of the state Duma of the laws of 1817 (fifth — 1608, the fourth — 1087, third – 781, the second — 1045).

Despite the record, the speaker of the lower chamber Sergei Naryshkin, summing up the results of the sixth convocation, said that the Duma following the results of work of the sixth convocation got rid of the nickname “mad printer”, given to her by the opposition in 2012. Do not agree with that opposition MP Dmitry Gudkov. “Mad printer is not only about the number of laws, but also about their quality,” he said. According to the Deputy, the Parliament easily adopts the governmental and presidential initiatives because “he is dependent and is a support group of the government and the President.”

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