“The voice” told about the underground headquarters of the “United Russia” in Moscow

The movement to protect the rights of voters “the Voice” sent a complaint to the Central electoral Commission and the electoral Commission of the Moscow region on actions of officials of administration of Moscow city Krasnoznamensk. The activists of the movement found on the official portal of administration of city district the document that lists the composition of the headquarters on preparation of elections of the state Duma”. Published on the website of the file should follow that the chief of staff is the head of administration Alexander Kondrashin, Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the local branch of the party “United Russia” in Sochi Galina Klimentyev.

In addition, the staff includes the Deputy Chairman of the Council of deputies from “United Russia” Anatoly Trishin and Deputy Chairman of the Council of deputies, first Deputy Secretary of the local branch of “United Russia” Alexander Chernikov “responsible for direction of work interaction with MORO of the party “United Russia”. The functions of the members of staff includes such tasks as “support candidates”, “meetings”, and the list of positions includes “writer”, “field workers of the territory” and “penopoliuretane”.

The existence of such a staff in the local authority with the participation of its officials and municipal employees violates the electoral legislation and the legislation on municipal service, says co-movement Grigory Melkonyants. “Either we are talking about the activities of the municipal administration in the interests of a political party, or on the use of municipal employees logistical resources of local authorities in these interests”, — is spoken in circulation “the Voice”. The laying on of the employees of the administration responsible for activities in the interest of the party in the areas which they supervise within the framework of municipal services, and especially without the registration of these workers leave for the period of the election campaign will inevitably lead to conflicts of interests and risks direct violation of the law, experts say the movement.

The law is the duty of local authorities to assist in organizing the elections, said Contrastin. According to him, is not the headquarters for the support of “United Russia” and coordination Council to assist in the organization of the elections, and “party” there. “This is our raw material, sketches, informal document,” — said the official. Participation in the work of the “Council” United Russia Klimentieva, he explained that she was a public activist. “And who do we take there? From the homeless people who do not care about the election and this country?” — asked the official. According to the law on basic guarantees of electoral rights, state agencies and local governments are obliged to assist election commissions, in particular on a grant basis to provide the necessary premises, as well as vehicles and technical equipment.

There is extreme inequality of the parties, at the headquarters of the representatives of only one political force, and cooperation with it is listed as separate activities, insists the lawyer, “Voice” Stanislaw Raczynski. According to him, the provision in the document such directions, as “Trustees” and “field researcher”, tells about the plans of campaigning, any participation in the administration should not take. “That is most likely discussed in the paper is about the electoral headquarters of the party, and she suggests that someone from the officials on the service computer engaged in partisan Affairs”, — the expert concludes.

Work on ensuring the holding of elections is a heavy organizational event for the city, for its implementation headquarters is created, which can include government officials, heads of electoral commissions and even the siloviki, said political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov. “The voice” has already complained to the formation headquarters. In April, the activist complained to the Prosecutor’s office and the presidential administration on the formation staff in the Perm region, in response he wrote that the headquarters is already closed.

In 2012, the movement found on the website of the Voronezh rural settlement of the instrument for the establishment of the headquarters on preparation of elections of deputies of legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region. The responsibility of one of the officials from headquarters included “daily monitoring of the Internet” for the organization “to counter the opposition of the Internet community.” Only three years later, “the Voice” received a reply from the district Prosecutor’s office in which it was reported that the head of the settlement issued a warning about the inadmissibility of violations of the electoral legislation.