Exchange rate of the Euro for the first time in a month rose above 72 RUB

Trading the Euro on the Moscow stock exchange on Tuesday for the first time in a month opened above the level of 72 rubles. the maximum price of the European currency reached the level of 72,335 RUB, 42.5 kopecks. above the closing level Monday. More RUB 72 €1 on the Moscow exchange was not worth it, June 27, 2016.

Simultaneously, the dollar rose by 30 kopecks, reaching 65,715 RUB the further Development of its dynamics the main expert of Department of operations in the money market of Treasury of Bank Vozrozhdenie Mikhail Berulava connects with a possible change in the key rate of the Federal reserve system (FRS). According to him, if the rate will be left unchanged, the ruble exchange rate could return to around RUB 64 per $1.

While the ruble is weakening in spite of a small increase in world oil prices, which wins back drop on Monday. In the course of trading on the ICE exchange on Tuesday, the price of a barrel of Brent is around $45,2, which is approximately 0.2% above the closing level on July 25.

By 10.30 Moscow time the barrel of Brent crude on the ICE futures exchange was $45,23, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange reached 65,675 Euro – 72,2725 RUB.