Hand “Felix”: why is the US accused Russia of hacking into the email of the Democrats

Russia under suspicion

On Tuesday, July 26, the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference following the meeting on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit in Laos with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry was asked a question about whether Russia is behind the hacking of e-mails of the National Committee of the US Democratic party (DNC). The Russian Minister reacted sharply, saying that “I would not like to use swear words”. On the same day the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the information about the Russian trace in the break-in of DNC correspondence “manic attempts to use a Russian theme” in the American election campaign.

Correspondence DNC was published on 23 July on the WikiLeaks website. In the leak were more than 19 thousand emails and more than 8 thousand documents from the official correspondence of the key functionaries of the DNC (Finance Director Jordan Kaplan Director of communications, Luis Miranda and others) in the period from January 2015 to may 2016.

About hacking the DNC correspondence became known in June. Even then, specializing in cyber security company Crowdstirke to which the DNC was after the hacker attacks, said that the hacking has two hacker groups — Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, which, according to Crowdstrike involved in economic espionage in favour of Moscow and closely associated with the Russian special services. The conclusions were drawn from the tactics of hackers and malicious code used by hackers. These groups, as noted by Crowdstrike were involved in attacks on the U.S. state Department, the White house and the Pentagon.

Earlier fragments from the stolen documents have been published in the media (in particular, the record of the Democrats in the party presidential race for the Republican nomination Donald trump). In this case, the metadata of one stolen by hackers documents testified that the last document edited by a user with Cyrillic symbols is written the name “Felix”.

Campaign Manager Clinton, Robby Mook, said that the experts with whom he consulted, believe that the attack and leakage were Russian hackers. Some members of Congress have already expressed their concern about the possible involvement of foreign hackers to attack the DNC. “Foreigners who are trying to influence our elections is something that should give concern to all Americans, regardless of party affiliation”. said Bloomberg, a member of the house of representatives from California Adam Schiff.

As has declared to Agency Bloomberg, the former chief technical specialist of the office of Intelligence U.S. Department of defense Bob Gourley, the coincidence of malicious code used in the attack on the DNC, with codes used in other attacks allegedly committed by hackers from Russia, cannot be considered reliable evidence. “It could be a hacker in Florida, who simply used the same code,” — said the expert, stressing that, traditionally, hackers use the same code.

Sympathy for the Tramp

The headquarters of the trump categorically deny the possibility that the Russian side published a leak from the DNC with the goal to play on the side of the trump candidate. “A new joke: Russia is involved in the leak of the DNC, because Putin has sympathy for me,” wrote trump on his Twitter feed.

Since the end of last year, trump and Putin periodically exchanged positive remarks addressed to each other. Back in December Putin called trump a bright politician, and trump during the election campaign said that if elected “will get along with Putin” and called the Russian President a strong leader.

Advisor to trump on foreign policy Carter page, who wrote Bloomberg, at the beginning of 2000-ies has advised Gazprom on a number of major transactions (including the purchase of a controlling stake in the project “Sakhalin-2”) in early July I read in the Russian economic school, a lecture on “Evolution of the international economy: trends and potential”. During the lecture Paige said that the United States was recently unnecessarily hostile to Russia and noted that much of the blame for the deterioration of relations with Moscow lies on Washington.

Campaign headquarters trump is headed by Paul Manafort, who for several years was a consultant to the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Last week, representatives of trump has made amendments to the Republican election platform, she disappeared paragraph about the necessity of supplying Ukraine with “lethal defensive weapons”. According to Flour from headquarters Clinton, the last time trump is getting more “Pro”.

Different attitude to Russia from Clinton. According to the newspaper Politico, citing former us officials who worked in Russia, the attitude of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Clinton worsened in December 2011, when Clinton, then held the post of U.S. Secretary of state, said that the legality of the conduct of parliamentary elections in Russia is a “serious concern.”

In turn Putin December 2011 at the meeting of the coordinating Council of the popular front said that Clinton “set the tone for some actors in our country and gave them a signal, they heard this signal and with the support of the US state Department began active work.” According to interlocutors of Politico, then discontent with Putin reported to the President of the United States Barack Obama. “He [Putin] was very upset by the behavior of Clinton and was in such a mood all the time that I worked in Moscow,” says Politico former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul. The sources also say that Putin and his advisers believed that Clinton as Secretary of state “took a tougher stance against Russia than the other members of the Obama administration”.

And whether fair primaries

The leak was published on the eve of the party Congress of the Democrats in Philadelphia, where Clinton should officially be named the presidential candidate of the Democratic party. Some fragments published with the help of hackers correspondence Democrats show that the number of functionaries of the DNC initially gave preference in the presidential race, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton before her main rival in the primaries, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, which is a violation of the American electoral system. Supporters of Sanders lashed out at the national democratic Committee, whose leadership, in their opinion, helped Clinton.

From the correspondence it follows, in particular, that the promotion of Clinton as a candidate for President has been discussed since last March. The Committee members actively discussed various strategies to discredit Sanders. As stated in one of his letters, quoted by The Observer, a key figure of the party discussed the possibility of speculation about his relationship to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and his atheistic beliefs [in the run-up to the primaries in Kentucky and West Virginia] that could reduce his popularity among the local Baptists. In another letter to Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said that the nomination Sanders — no more than “an absurd story”, and he will never be President.

American media and politicians are also made from the correspondence concluded that the functionaries DNS helped Clinton to enlist the support of super-delegates before the Congress approving presidential candidate. “Hacked correspondence indicates that the Committee has acted dishonestly, and the process was rigged against Sanders. <…> The Committee has used as a way to strengthen the Clinton campaign,” wrote the journalists of Fox News.

Other media consider conspiracy charges against Sanders exaggeration. According to the liberal publication the New Republic, “in a letter published by Wikileaks as evidence of corruption [in the Committee], actually says, as staff members receive guidance from lawyers about how to respond to attacks on the part of Sanders”.

The magazine stresses that the Committee does not have the ability to have a major impact in the primaries: Clinton was leading in the primaries. The Committee, through the state politicians had a little more influence in the Caucus… where was the leader Sanders.

The Washington Post believes that the assertion that Clinton won the primaries thanks to the conspiracy of the Committee, is not justified. “Indeed, Clinton required the voices of the super-delegates to get a majority in the Congress. At the same time, if you remove all the votes of super-delegates, Clinton would be ahead of Sanders in 400 votes. In the end, it was supported not only superdelegates, but regular delegates — they are also a large majority. For Comparison, Barack Obama won by only 130 votes ordinary delegates more than Clinton at the Convention in 2008”, — the newspaper writes.

The consequences for the election

Shortly after the publication of correspondence the Committee apologized to the Sanders for “contained in the letters is unforgivable theses”, and his head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz announced the decision to resign. However, she stressed that still considers the victory of Hillary Clinton in the election “extremely important for the future of America.”

According to the New Republic scandal of the correspondence threatens to turn into a split within the party that will play into the hands as Trump, and Russia, which is trying to manipulate the election results.

Sanders, speaking at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia on July 25, supported Clinton, saying that “she’ll make a great President,” urged his supporters to do the same and unite against trump, who “offends one [politically opposing him] group over another.” However, supporters of Sanders booed this suggestion.

In recent days, the poll results indicated a noticeable deterioration of the image among Clinton voters. According to the polls, among voters, a rapidly growing number of those who do not consider Clinton “honest” and “reliable” politician: a CNN poll over the weekend showed that 68% of voters somehow don’t trust human qualities Clinton. According to polls by CBS, only 31% speak approvingly from Clinton (one of its worst results in the whole campaign). In addition, about 49% of democratic voters in the CNN poll said that they would like to see the democratic candidate Sanders.

In last month’s electoral rating Clinton shows a negative trend, trump — pozitivnoe. At the end of March an average rating of Clinton was about 50% while a rating of trump is not reached and up to 39%. And as of 26 July, according to Real Clear Politics, which aggregates the results of all national polls, Clinton has given way to a Trump in a ratio of 44.7% against 45,6%.