In Belarus came into force a new military doctrine

In Belarus came into force a new military doctrine. The law of its approval was published on Tuesday, July 26 on the national legal portal. He was adopted by the Belarusian Parliament on June 16. On 20 April the law was signed by President Alexander Lukashenko.

The provisions of the new military doctrine is based on the results of evaluating the military-political situation in the world, particularly in Europe, the forecast for the development of this situation in the medium term, research in the field of armed protection of the state and on the existing experience of military construction and security of the country, reports state news Agency BelTA.

According to the Agency, the new doctrine takes into account phenomena such as hybrid war and color revolution” and “changes in the military-political situation in the world.”

The house of representatives on 16 June and approved by the Council of the Republic on June 30. The military noted that the doctrine takes into account such phenomena of modernity as hybrid war and a color revolution, and that changes in the military-political situation in the world made necessary the creation of new doctrine.

In the text of the military doctrine stresses that it is purely defensive. Belarus proceeds from the fact that it no state is an enemy, and adheres to the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes. The use of force doctrine called “last resort” when all other possibilities of security — the politico-diplomatic, legal, economic, informational, ideological and exhausted.

In June, President Lukashenka said that although the military doctrine of the country and is defensive in nature, “we must have weapons that would still be warned of a potential enemy to fight with Belarus”. He talked about it, telling about the successful test of a new missile.