In the cities of Russia held rallies against the “Spring package”

Tuesday, July 26, in several cities of Russia took place agreed with the local authorities to protests against the “anti-terrorism package”, which was written by Deputy Irina Yarovaya and Senator Victor lake.

So, in Novosibirsk, according to local publication the organizers of the rally estimated the number of participants to 200 people. The event was held in the local “Hyde Park”, the sculpture “the globe” events in this area is not requires additional coordination with the local authorities. As noted at the end of the rally on stage defiantly tore a plastic bag with the words: “We don’t need a bag!”

Rally against the “Spring package” in Novosibirsk °C

— Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov) 26 Jul 2016.

As reported rally in Yekaterinburg was attended by about 150 people, although stated 500. The rally was held on the square of Defense. The area was fenced around the perimeter frame has four metal detectors.

A rally in Ufa, according to the organisers, attracted 70 people, reports the correspondent of “Interfax”. The protesters called for the abolition of the “Spring package” and “Internet freedom in Russia.”

17:52 the Kurgan tried to disrupt the protest against#packet and Spring”. “You have paid!

— Lyudmila Gavrilova (@vutuadlaj1969) 26 Jul 2016.

Rallies were also held in Kurgan, Kazan and Volgograd. Rally in Volgograd was in the nature of actions in memory of victims of political repression, but one of the major topics was the “anti-terrorism package,” according to According to the newspaper, the rally was attended by 80 people.

The woman was detained for allegedly she gave packages of Spring

— Arseny Vesnin (@ars_ves) 26 Jul 2016.

Moscow authorities and the authorities of St. Petersburg had previously refused to agree to similar action. However, as reported by the correspondent of “Fontanka” in St. Petersburg on 26 July, was organized by the “people’s Assembly”, which was visited by about 150 people. One of its participants, according to the newspaper, the police detained the activist, who for 10 rubles sold plastic bag labeled “Spring package”. Law enforcement officers explained that thus stopped the illegal business activities, said “Fontanka”. On Tuesday, the organizers of the rally in Moscow has announced that it has applied to the city authorities on a new date — August 9.

Amendments Spring and Ozerov was signed by President Vladimir Putin on 7 June. In the original version of the bill contained provisions on deprivation of the Russian citizenship from those convicted of terrorist and extremist articles and those who found work in foreign law enforcement agencies and the courts or went to serve in the army. A resonant innovations relating to the IT industry, remained. For example — those that require operators and Internet companies to store text messages and conversations between users. Internet companies complained that the law threatens to increase in the cost of services and asked to change it or to defer.