ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Church in France

Organization “Islamic state” (its activity is banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the attack on a Church in Normandy, Reuters reported with reference to associated with ISIS Agency Amaq.

The Agency said that the attack was committed by “soldiers” of the organization.

Earlier that the two men committed themselves to the “Islamic state”, reported the President of France Francois Hollande. In addition, he called the incident a “heinous terrorist attack.”

“The threat remains very high. We should wage war [against ISIS] by all means, but at the same time respecting the rule of law is what makes us a democracy,” — said the head of state.

The attack happened earlier Tuesday. Two armed men took hostages in the suburbs of Rouen. The nun, who managed to escape from the Church, called the police. The attackers killed 84-year-old priest, and, according to the police, referenced in The Telegraph, this time shouting the name of ISIS. Also, according to the media, they virtuali “Allahu Akbar!”

Then the police managed to neutralize the criminals. The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France Pierre-Henri Brande said that the attackers shot and killed the special forces when they left the Church.

Several people were wounded in the attack. One of them, according to The Washington Post, received a “life-threatening” injuries.

The Vatican called the killing of the priest “barbaric” murder. Pope Francis, according to his representative, “was horrified” to hear the news from France, and condemned any manifestations of hatred.