The court set the date for jury selection in the case of Nemtsov”

The Moscow district military court on August 24 will select the jury that will hear the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov, reports .

The court also has satisfied the petition of lawyers accused of Zaurbek Sadyhanova and Anna Burawoy who have requested additional time to review the case. But refused to refund the entire criminal case to the Prosecutor’s office, as urged by the lawyer daughter of the deceased Vadim Prokhorov and Olga Mikhailova. They were asked to classify the charge on heavier article — the killing of political or public figure (article 277 of the Criminal code).

A preliminary hearing in the district court were held behind closed doors. Due to heightened security measures, even on the territory of the court police and bailiffs allowed only lawyers and participants in the process.

Journalists, representatives of several dozen Russian and foreign media, was on duty on the road in front of the court.

The meeting was held on Monday, but the court took a day to resolve all motions. The yoke, the court announced only the next day.

Camera and witnesses

According to the prosecution, the murder of a politician planned and carried seven people. Five of the alleged perpetrators — a former fighter of the battalion “North” Zaur Dadaev, his relatives brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubareva, as well as their friends Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat — appeared before the court and Another alleged accomplice of Beslan Shavanov were killed during the arrest, and the alleged customer — Ruslan mukhutdinov, who was the driver of the second-in-command of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev, is wanted. Him in absentia charged, and his case is allocated in separate manufacture.

Their guilt, according to investigators, confirm their own initial confession, it follows from the indictment (at the disposal). As well as records from surveillance cameras installed in the hallways, where he lived, Dada and Eremeev on the street Fan capital, surveillance cameras in Gum, where the last dinner with the Germans and the testimonies of maids Eremeeva, and the Manager sold the car, which fled the killer.

From recognition to alibi

Immediately after the arrest, in March 2015, and Dadayev and Anzor Gubashev, were told that they decided to commit a crime on the order of a certain “Boy”. A few months later the investigation concluded that Rusiko was a personal driver Eremeeva mukhutdinov.

According to investigators, they found the gun, bought the car ZAZ Chance, and established a residence policy. As a result, the patrol-guard service and Savanov, according to the prosecution, tracked Nemtsov in Gum and told Dadaev when the politician walked home. Dadaev also followed him and shot him in the back on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, the story of the case. From there he immediately took the patrol-guard service on the car ZAZ Chance, said the prosecution.

The motive for murder, according to the indictment, were “not less than 15 million rubles”, which the performers promised to pay “Rusik”. In his testimony, Dada also told me that he didn’t like Nemtsov’s statements concerning Islam and Muslims. But now all five of the accused does not admit guilt. They all said that they have the abily at the time of the murder. Dadaev, in particular, argues that spent part of for February 27, together with his chief — Eremeev, walked with him to the mosque and restaurant, then he went to a club, went home, and late at night we stopped again to Eremeeva, it follows from the indictment (at the disposal).

Eskerkhanov insists that as the guard was accompanied by his client at the bar, told his lawyer Rosa Magomedova. And the Bahai says that he met with his girlfriend who later became his wife, says his lawyer Zaurbek Sadaharu.