The exchange rate of the dollar for the first time in more than a month rose above 66 RUB

The dollar on the Moscow exchange for the first time in more than a month rose above 66 RUB To the maximum of its cost reached $ 66,105 RUB 69 kopecks above yesterday’s closing level. In the previous times the price 66 RUB the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange was the 24 June 2016.

Simultaneously, the Euro rose to of 89.75 kopecks and reached 72,8075 RUB, also became the highest level since June 24.

The depreciation of the ruble since the beginning of the opening of today’s currency trading on the Moscow exchange. In the middle of the day a new impetus to it was given the decline in world oil prices, the auction which began this morning in the green zone. Within a few hours quotes on the stock exchange ICE has grown weak, retracing the yesterday’s fall, but then again went down. At a minimum futures price for Brent oil for delivery in October 2016 fell to $USD 44.7 per barrel, which is 0.95% below yesterday’s closing level.

“Oil prices continue to lose strength due to the lack of support from speculative demand. According to the CFTC and ICE, the net speculative position in oil futures WTI and Brent has been steadily decreasing since mid-June, mainly due to the reduction of long positions,” — noted the analysts of Raiffeisenbank.

By 13:20 Moscow time the cost of a barrel of Brent on the ICE stood at $44,82, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange reached 66,0825 Euro — 72,765 RUB.