The government confirmed a ban on the image of the dead in the campaign

In the state Duma received a government review of the bill, which proposes to prohibit the use of campaign materials image of a natural person after his death. The amendments introduced in may, the deputies from LDPR Igor Lebedev and Yaroslav Nilov.

In a response signed by the Deputy Chairman of the government Sergei Prikhodko, the government refers to other, already accepted in the spring of the law, which was also made by the deputies from the liberal democratic party. This law imposed restrictions on the use of campaign materials in the images of people who are not candidates. Under this law, the opposition will not be able to use photos in Bulk, and edinorossy — photo of Putin on his campaign posters.

The inadmissibility of the use of propaganda images of a natural person after his death is already foreseen in the law, adoption of the new draft will not change to the current procedure for election campaigning during the election campaign enters into the Cabinet.

Last week in Krasnoyarsk region the scandal connected with the use of the Communist party images of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the newspaper “Pravda”. The regional electoral Commission on 21 July, banned the distribution of Newspapers, saying that Lenin and Stalin are not the candidates of the Communist party, and thus under current law, their image is impossible.

The Communists also insisted that the dead people can not fall under the concept of “individuals” and have their permission to use their portraits impossible. The Communist party appealed against the decision of the regional election Commission at the CEC, but no answer was received, said the Deputy-Communist Vadim Soloviev.

Later the regional electoral Commission changed its mind and allowed the spread of the party newspaper, said the first Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional Committee of the party Petr Medvedev. The government comes from political conjectures, says Soloviev.

The norm of the law about impossibility of usage of propaganda images of individuals who are not candidates for this situation (with the use of images of dead people) does not apply, that is the common position of the CEC, said a source In the CEC. But do not forget about copyright issues when you use the sculpture or portrait, he recalls.