The head of the Tver region will be left without a main opponent in the elections

The candidate in governors of the Tver region Igor Rudenya may be left without its main opponent on elections of the candidate from the Communist party, state Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov. During the inspection necessary for registration of signatures of municipal deputies in support of Soloviev turned out that “autographs” were collected only in 27 municipal areas and urban districts, said the head of the Tver electoral Committee of Valentine Dronova. A copy of the decision on Monday was awarded the member of election Commission with deliberative vote, who was appointed Soloviev, she said.

To participate in the elections, the candidate in governors of the Tver region 247 must collect signatures of municipal deputies (7% of the total number of municipalities in the region), and 56 of them needs to be collected in 33 districts and counties (¾ of all 43 municipalities), it follows from the Federal and regional legislation.

Soloviev, collecting signatures only in 27 municipalities violated the requirement of the law and is now unlikely to be registered, said a source in the regional election Commission. To convey the missing signatures Communist can not, confirms Dronova. According to her, the law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights.” allows to replace the documents prepared with violation, but to bring additional signatures to those already submitted cannot be, she says. Officially, the decision on the registration of Solovyov will be submitted at the end of the week — July 29.

Solovyov himself said that the election Commission rejected seven signatures, the other continues to check. “Somewhere incorrectly stated the name of the municipality, where the Commission aroused suspicion notary stamp”, — he explained, adding that he believes causes “frivolous.” According to him, local authorities from the beginning has put pressure on municipal deputies, demanding not subscribe in support of it, and are now trying to prevent its registration. This is because the authorities fear his victory, says Soloviev. He argues that in fact still has the right to correct the violation.

Version of United Russia

At the headquarters of “United Russia has nominated its candidate, the acting Governor Igor Rudeni) argue that tried to help Solovyov. As told the chief of staff Oleg Balayan, in early July, Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov addressed Rudene to help with the collection of signatures. “After that, I contacted the Secretary of the Tver regional Committee of the Communist party Lyudmila Vorobyeva with the question of how many signatures and what level you need to collect. She asked me to collect signatures 99,” he says. According to Balayan, United Russia had to persuade their municipal deputies to sign up for the Communist party. “It is clear that they have expressed displeasure on this occasion,” he said. However, the necessary signatures were collected and handed over to the regional Committee of the Communist party. “We gave them 99 signatures on the painting. Moreover, they returned the money to us — 9900 RUB for notarization of signatures. Vorobiev then called and thanked them for signature,” says the source .

However, in the end, the Communists had not used these signatures and took it to the electoral Commission only bringing themselves, said Balayan. “We’re upset by it. We wanted the election was attended by candidates from all parties,” he says. Balayan suggests that the Communists were asked to collect signatures in the hope that United Russia will refuse to help. “Pre-sociology shows that the acting Governor was going to vote 69% of voters. Apparently, Solovyov, knowing that losing, just trying to make noise,” he says.

Version of the Communists

Solovyov, categorically denies that the “United Russia” collected his signature. “Our colleagues from United Russia have a vivid imagination. They repeatedly talked about some agreements with us. We have collected signatures, all of them presented, we have a complete set of signatures in accordance with the law, and the electoral Commission there is no reason to deny my registration,” he says. However, he confirmed that Zyuganov called the Governor, but, according to his version, the leader of the Communist party requested the authorities to stop “pressed” the Communists and gave them the opportunity to collect signatures. In addition, on 7 July, Zyuganov said publicly to the CEC that the party had problems in several regions, including the Tver region. “And then they removed the barrier and we were able safely and quickly to collect signatures,” — said Solovyov.

Vorobyov leads a slightly different version. According to her, when the headquarters Solovyov have faced resistance at the level of municipalities in collecting signatures, she turned to Zyuganov, and he had twice spoken with the Governor about the inadmissibility of such a situation. “After that, I got a call from the headquarters of the farm, with and said that will help us in collecting signatures. I said then that in certain areas we can’t collect signatures due to the fact that people are afraid, and uncertain of party discipline”, — she told. Thus, according to Vorobiev, the Communists were not asked to collect signatures for them and don’t understand why United Russia has begun to do so. According to her, the Communist party continued to gather signatures on their own and as a result collected the required amount and handed to the electoral Commission. As for the signatures of United Russia, then, according to Vorobyova, their leaves were not of the format that you want, so United Russia collected the signatures decided not to use.

Difficult choices

Of the seven regions, where this year the elections of the Governor of Tver oblast is the most difficult for the authorities of the region, said the source close to the Kremlin. According to them, there are many socio-economic problems, fragmented elites, and because of this traditionally low power ratings. On state Duma elections 2011 “United Russia” received in the region of only 38% while the average result in the country at 49%. Fired in this year the predecessor of the farm, with Andrey Shevelev has held the bottom line in the rating of efficiency of governors, which is close to the Kremlin Fcsd. The authors are each time indicated a low level of confidence in the leadership of the region. If the Federal centre this year has not changed the local government, the results of United Russia in the elections would once again be poor, says a source close to the Kremlin.

Appointed this year to perform the duties of the Governor Rodina – new people to the region. Previously, he worked in the Ministry of agriculture and head of the governmental Department of agriculture.

In the region and now feels fatigue and depressed mood, said political analyst Alexander Kynev. According to him, from all regions, where in September will choose governors, Tver region is the most promising for the opposition. The chances that Rudest lose Solovyov, really is, according to political analyst Abbas Gallyamov.

Nightingales is well-known at the Federal level, but his fame above its chances to win, objected to the head of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov. According to him, when the inertial campaign Rudest gaining 55-50%, and the rating Solovyov is much lower.