The head of the “Victory” described the condition of free hand baggage allowance double

Low-budget airline “Victory”, owned by “Aeroflot” is ready to offer passengers free transportation of two pieces of hand Luggage with the abolition of the rules on free baggage allowance up to 10 kg and the so-called personal belongings of the passenger, wrote CEO of loukoster Andrey Kalmykov in the column, published Monday in the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“In current conditions, at the same time and free baggage that we must carry according to the Russian legislation, and free baggage, like foreign airlines, Bolivar can’t carry”, — said a top Manager. According to him, in order to keep ticket prices at a low level, it is necessary to choose one or the other.

In column (Kalmykov noted that European airlines have the right to set the baggage allowance and hand Luggage, and if any of them will establish idiotic rules or draconian tariffs, it simply ruined”. In Russia, as indicated by the head of “Victory”, the Air code and the Ministry of transport “under the slogans of securing the legitimate rights of the passengers require not only to include in the base rate 10 kg of Luggage but free to carry in the cabin of personal belongings of passengers, including ladies’ bag, briefcase, umbrella, cane, outerwear, baby food, laptop, baby cradle etc.

“It is strange that the Ministry of transport forgot to include box, cartons and the little dog,” — said Kalmykov. The size and weight of personal things is not legally defined, so the carriers are forced to understand themselves, “is the purse trunk weighing 15 kg or is not,” he complained.

According to him, due to existing regulations in Russia, the airline was forced to “invent “parallel reality”, in something reaching the point of absurdity”. The reduction of Russian air legislation in compliance with international standards will allow Russian airlines to offer lower fares and to impose logical rules on hand baggage, assured.

In April, the Federal Agency for transport supervision during unscheduled inspections found that charging a “Win” fee for carriage of things, “permitted excess of the free baggage allowance and at no charge to the passenger violates the requirements of the Air code. The reason for the test was received in the office of the complaint. In particular, Public chamber member Dmitry Chugunov said that was removed from the flight “Victory” when he refused to pay an additional three piece of hand Luggage weighing up to 10 kg. And the Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Alena Arshinova in circulation in Rostransnadzor has complained that she was obliged to pay 2 thousand rubles. for carriage in the cabin “handbags in the form of a backpack.”

The office has sent the airline a notice on elimination of violations. “Victory” with the decision of rostransnadzora disagreed and challenged it in court. On 19 July the Moscow Arbitration court dismissed the claim of “Victory” on the recognition of the requirements of rostransnadzora invalid and ordered the airline is free to carry ladies handbags and portfolios.

The next day TASS citing a source in the airline said that “Victory” in favor of the abolition of the rules on free baggage allowance up to 10 kg. the interlocutor of the Agency noted that until the law requires you to carry Luggage free of charge, low-cost airline “cannot add to free transportation and even a backpack as hand Luggage.