The Prosecutor General’s office proposed to control the income of the former officials

The state office of public Prosecutor of Russia has prepared a bill that sets the rules of expenditure control not only current and former officials. In an interview with “Izvestiya” told the head of Department for supervision over execution of legislation on combating corruption of the Prosecutor General Alexander Rusetsky.

“It is proposed to extend the relevant requirements not only existing employees, but also to the former, while setting the possibility of forfeiture to the state the monetary equivalent of the property acquired on unconfirmed incomes,” — said Rusetsky.

The Prosecutor General’s office and Rosfinmonitoring, the Agency proposes to appoint the responsible authorities that will send overseas requests for information about the presence of former Russian officials accounts in foreign banks, as well as property purchased on unconfirmed incomes.

Rusetsky added that the Prosecutor General’s office proposes to exempt the legal entity from administrative liability in case his representative was informed of commercial bribery or the extortion of illegal remuneration on the part of officials.

In the opinion of the representative of the Prosecutor General, the legislation is “not quite fair and does not encourage cooperation with law enforcement by citizens.

“The fact that now there is a situation in which the representative of a legal entity, for example, according to law enforcement bodies about the fact of “rollback” to the official at his request, helps to expose this officer, cooperating with the investigation. In this case, this person, that is, the briber may be exempt from criminal responsibility, legal person, on behalf and in whose interests it supports, from administrative liability is not released,” — said Rusetsky.

Earlier media reported the resumption in the government discussion of the idea of control over large expenses of the population. The need to Supplement the budget of the Ministry of Finance and Federal tax service (FTS) want to develop a mechanism of struggle against “gray” salaries. Later the head of financial Department Anton Siluanov in the beginning of the negotiations denied.

Under current law, the government exercises control over large expenses of officials and employees of state-owned companies. The Russian civil servants, their spouses and minor children are prohibited to own and use foreign accounts and financial instruments, and to have property abroad.