The U.S. government has approved the release of the last Russians from Guantanamo Bay

Us authorities took the decision to release the latest Russian citizen who is imprisoned at the military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reports Associated Press. We are talking about a former ballet dancer Revile Mingazova, which was kept in jail for 14 years without filing formal charges.

Lawyers Mingazova reported that informed him of the decision on video-conference from Washington. Lawyer Gary Thompson said that now Russian plans to hold a gala dinner together with other prisoners of the American prison.

“It was very emotional. We still can’t believe what happened, ” said Thompson. — 14 years have passed since that moment as Ravil is in custody without any charges. This is a terrific day.”

The decision to release Mingazova adopted by the Board, which was established by the decision of the White house. This body evaluates whether to release Guantanamo detainees who are not charged, without creating threats to US security.

American authorities have charged 48-year-old Mingazova that he fought against the Northern Alliance on the side of the Taliban (banned in Russia) in Afghanistan. The Pentagon also believe that he may have links to extremist group in Uzbekistan, which, in turn, is linked to al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). Mingazov was detained in asylum Pakistan along with Abu Zubaydah. U.S. authorities consider him the mediator of a terrorist group, it also contains at Guantanamo.

Mingazov denied any involvement in terrorist activities. The decision to release him States that the Council has “concerns that are related to the fact that the detainee failed to demonstrate sufficient candor” about his activities prior to placement in jail. The authorities considered that Mingazov is not dangerous, as was “the fighter low level”.

The lawyers of the Russians asked the US government to send him to Nottingham, where his son and ex-wife, has been granted political asylum. In a decision on Mingazov does not say where he is sent and when released.

Mingazov is the graduate school of the arts. Since 1986, he served in the Chita region, and then worked in the Ministry of culture of Tuva, reported Bi-bi-si.

The Pentagon said that Mingazov does not want to return to Russia. His release and homecoming was required in Moscow. U.S. Department of defense reported that the prisoners “despises the Russian government” and fears that in Russia he was charged. The Pentagon also pointed out that, according to Mingazova, at Guantanamo treated better than he would be treated in Russia.