A Communist has complained to the CEC for the removal from Governor’s elections

Filed to the Central election Commission complaint said the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Vadim Solovyov, who is going to compete with the acting Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudeni in the September elections of the head region.

The Communists appealed against the decision of the Tver election Commission of 25 July. The Commission decided that the Communist made a breach upon delivery of the signatures he presented only 27 of signatures of deputies of municipal areas and city districts, and to register as a candidate for Governor must 33. On Friday there will be meeting of the electoral Commission, which the Commission will officially announce Solovyov legal decision to refuse registration.

In the complaint, the CEC (has a copy) he insists that the regional electoral Commission did not take into account signatures that he was told later, when the members of the election Commission has already announced a shortage of five signature sheets.

In addition, the candidate emphasizes that he was not informed of the meeting of the Commission, which was announced about results of check of documents.
“How can you consider notice of the candidate for Governor Solovyov on the results of the inspection documents without Solovyov?”, — asks the Deputy. He stressed that his representative in the electoral Commission received a text message two hours before the meeting, when he was in Moscow, so I don’t have time for a meeting of the Commission and received only a copy of the decision. Solovyev connects the refusal to register with his high rating.

A member of the CEC Nikolai Levichev, in turn, believes that the Tver election Commission ruled in accordance with the law. “No he didn’t interfere, he tried under the arms to make to candidates for Governor, but there is a direct violation of the law”, — said Levichev.

Submission of documents is a one — time procedure that does not provide the ability to convey the signature and later emphasizes Levichev. Solovyov did not carry the required number of signatures, hastening to take the signatures of 20 July, although it was possible to do so until 22 July, said the CEC member. Realizing that made a mistake, on 21 July evening, representatives Solovyov told a few signatures, he says.

“Suspect Vadim Soloviev legal incompetence does not allow me to experience with him, so there is a suspicion that this is directed history,” — said Levichev.