Apple shares rose almost 8% on news of the drop in sales of 15%

The price of Apple shares on the Nasdaq has increased dramatically. July 27, trades in the securities of the company opened at $104,25 up by 7.84% above yesterday’s closing level. At the peak the shares reached today $of 104.35.

Analysts attribute the jump in prices from the day before published reports from Apple for the third quarter of the current fiscal year. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the company’s performance deteriorated, but still were better than analysts had forecast. In particular, Apple’s net profit for the quarter was $1.42 per share, while, according to forecasts, were not to exceed $1,38.

Sales of Apple gadgets in the quarter fell at an annual rate of 15%, however, this result was better than expected — instead 40,02 million was sold 40,39 million different devices.

“Apple is not just a technology company, it also represents the consumer sector. It gives impetus to the consumer demand,” explained senior Manager investment management, a California-based investment company TCW Diana Jaffe.