Obama admitted the possibility of Russia’s influence on U.S. presidential election

President Barack Obama did not rule out the possibility that Russia will try to influence the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Such opinion us President expressed in an interview with NBC News, Reuters reports

To a journalist’s question about whether it is possible that Russia will try to exert influence on the process of the upcoming elections in the United States, Obama replied: “anything is possible”.

On the eve of the newspaper the New York Times reported “a Russian trace” in the email hacking of the US Democratic party. With reference to employees of several companies in the field of computer security, the publication told, in the metadata of the documents had traces going through the computers with the multi-language settings. The same day, the campaign Manager of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook, said that tampering with the mail party was allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on these statements, called them ” absurd.” “The Kremlin does not relate to this message. We continue to see manic attempt to use a Russian theme during the electoral campaign, the United States,” — said Peskov told reporters.

Data about the “Russian trace” in the email hacking of the US Democratic party, commented on foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “I would not like to use words of four letters swear words. —)”, — he said.

Trump called a “joke” allegations of a campaign headquarters Clinton, leaked documents to the Democratic party was organized in Russia, to help him. “There’s a new joke about the fact that Russia has posted incriminating DNC e-mail, which was not worth writing (for stupidity), because I like Putin,” – he wrote in his Twitter.

Documents mail from the Democratic party of the USA was published on Friday, July 22, the website Wikileaks. Of them indicated that the leadership of the Democratic party has favored Clinton at the expense of its rival in the fight for election nomination Bernie Sanders. The resulting scandal led to the resignation of party leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Founder of the website Julian Assange said there is “no evidence” of Russian involvement in the data breach. Responsibility for the hacking of a computer network headquarters of the democratic party of the USA itself was taken by the hacker is a loner under the name Guccifer 2.0.