Partner trump spoke about the “consequences” of the scandal with the leak for Russia

If the FBI determines that Russia is behind the cyber attack on emails of the US Democratic party, and also that it interferes in us elections, followed by “serious consequences”, said the candidate in Vice-presidents from the Republican party, Mike Pence, reports Reuters.

“If it is Russia and it interferes in our elections, I can assure you that the party and the government of the United States will provide serious consequences,” said Pence.

In turn, the candidate of the American state from the Republican party, Donald trump, according to Reuters, repeatedly commented on the data about the “Russian trace” in the attack. He called “ridiculous” and “far-fetched” such assumptions.

The scandal of a cyber attack on e-mail US Democratic party occurred this week. 22 July, WikiLeaks published several thousand letters and documents of the National Committee of the Democrats (DNC) related to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The documents were discovered the conspiracy of the employees of the Committee against a former member of the presidential race from the Democrats, Bernie Sanders.

Later, The New York Times, citing employees of several companies in the field of computer security, reported about the “Russian trace” in this cyber attack. Campaign Manager Clinton, Robby Mook, said that tampering with the mail party was allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”. The trump called such allegations a “joke”.

Then it became known that us intelligence agencies told the White house that with “high confidence” for the email hacking of the US Democratic party are the Russian authorities. About it The New York Times reported, citing Federal officials. However, American intelligence officers have warned that they have no confidence about the nature of the cyber attack, said the newspaper.

Current President Barack Obama did not rule out the possibility that Russia will try to refuse influence on presidential elections. How she can do it, he said.

In the Kremlin, in turn, data about the “Russian trace” in the attack on the mail of American democracy was absurd.