Putin spoke about the “other flavor” of victory at the Olympics in Rio

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the “short-sighted politicians” who did not let the Russian athletes at the Olympic games. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, speaking to members of the Olympic team.

“Unfortunately, to realize the dream. Short-sighted politicians are not left in peace and sport, although the sport is designed to smooth out the contradictions between the countries,” he said.

“The situation has gone beyond not only the legal field, but also common sense,” Putin went on. According to him, against the Russian athletes was conducted a deliberate campaign, which included the double standards and “incompatible with common sense” principle of collective responsibility.

“Actually to blow around the world sports”, — said Putin. He said that the value of medals, who will receive foreign athletes will be lower. “This victory will be another taste. You can say — bad taste”, — said Putin.

Commenting on the response performances of athletes, Putin once again returned to the subject. “This is an attempt to move in the world of sport and the rules which dominate world politics”, — he said.

In the end, Putin stressed that the difficulties Russians unite. “In the Russian character there is such feature — the difficulties we unite,” said he.

The head of state during his speech also stressed that Russia intends not only to prosecute the perpetrators of the doping of athletes, but also to create effective system of struggle with it. In addition, Putin called for the development of international rules of doping control. According to him, athletes and fans should have open access to information.

The meeting was held in the Alexander hall of the Kremlin. It was attended by about a hundred athletes — as admitted to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and those which at the Olympics is not allowed. They were dressed in the same uniform of beige pants and skirts, blue blazers and red butterflies. The meeting was attended by Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko. The event lasted for about half an hour.