The head of the FSB told about 220 potential suicide bombers in Russia

Operational control of the Russian special services are 220 potential suicide bombers, told a meeting of heads of intelligence services of security agencies and law enforcement bodies the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

“In Russia, the number under the operational control potential of pseudoshadow exceeds 220 people. Employees of FSB of Russia are working systematically to identify persons involved in the preparation of the so-called human bombs and suicide attacks using them,” — said Bortnikov (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The FSB chief also said that in 2015 in Russia was installed 2.9 thousand people suspected of obtaining a running battle in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. At the same time, according to Bortnikov, the Russian law enforcement agencies announced an international search of more than 260 persons who, being abroad, intensively preparing terrorist acts in Russia and other countries.

In addition, the FSB has warned about the plans of the “gang leaders” in the middle East “to give new impetus to the North Caucasian bandit underground”.

“Today, we have documented information about the plans of the gang leaders hiding in the territory of several countries in the Middle East, to continue their terrorist activities and try to give a new impetus to the North Caucasian bandit underground, whose activity we have managed to forge, and a large force to divide and for the most part neutralized”, — said Bortnikov.