The media learned about saving for the head of the FCS of the status of a witness after questioning

The head of the Federal customs service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov remained in the status of a witness after the search and examination conducted in the framework of the case of smuggling. This writes in Wednesday newspaper “Kommersant”, citing sources close to the investigation.

According to the interlocutor, searches Belyaninov and his subordinates were held as witnesses in a criminal case. The status of a witness the head of the FCS retained after the interrogation, the newspaper stresses.

The sources said that after searches Belyaninov was interrogated in the Main investigation Department of the TFR. In the course of it, the investigators were trying to confirm or deny the data they are under pre-trial agreement provided the co-owner of the company “Logistik Central North-West Anatoly].

The latter allegedly said that “Contrail logistic Severo-Zapad”, was involved in a major smuggling scandal, received the status of authorised economic operator (allows to minimize the financial and time costs of customs operations and to optimize the logistics chain) with the assistance of Sergey Lobanov, who together with his former leaders are supposed to be financially interested in such cooperation.

The defendant’s lawyer Natalia Belousova declined to disclose the testimony of his client, citing the fact that gave the appropriate subscription to the investigator.

On the eve of the sources of “Interfax” reported that through the testimony Kindzerska managed to get on the Lobanova, and then to the head of the FCS Belyaninov, who was an adviser.

About searches of the leadership of the FCS in the framework of the case about the smuggling of alcohol became known on 26 July morning. First this was reported by “Novaya Gazeta”. Then information was confirmed by the Investigative Committee of Russia. It was reported that the searches conducted at the place of work and residence of the head of the FCS Belyaninov, the two Vice — Ruslana Davydova and Andrey Strukov and Lobanov.

It was reported that the house Belyaninov was discovered RUB 9.5 million, $390 million and €350 thousand, and antique paintings, collection of watches and jewelry. The head of the Federal customs service said that it was his private savings, which he started doing from the time when, having retired from the security organs, engaged in business, including banking.