The U.S. secret service, accused the Russian authorities in the attack on the mail Democrats

American intelligence agencies told the White house that with “high confidence” for the email hacking of the US Democratic party are the Russian authorities. About it The New York Times said Federal officials familiar with the data security services.

However, American intelligence officers have warned the authorities that they have no confidence about the nature of this cyber attack. They don’t know whether it was a routine cyber-espionage — in which the US is also engaged around the world — or part of a campaign to influence the U.S. presidential election.

According to sources, the NYT, the US intelligence agencies doubt that Russia, at least in the initial phase, was intended to influence the outcome of American elections. Hackers began to act after Donald trump decided to fight for the nomination from the Republican party, and his chances were slim. One of the sources suggested that while cyber attacks may have been carried out in order to embarrass Hillary Clinton, but not to strengthen the position of the trump.