Yukos shareholders refused to seek seizure of Russia in Germany

Former Yukos shareholders have withdrawn filed in court the claim about arrest in this country of the Russian assets to secure payment of the $50 billion “Interfax” reported the head of the International centre for the legal protection (MTSPZ, coordinating foreign litigation on the protection of Russian state assets in the “case of Yukos”) Andrey Kondakov.

“Our lawyers in Germany announced the official opinion in this country, the claim of Yukos against Russia”, — quotes Agency the words of Kondakova.

He called the withdrawal of the suit “very serious shift in the General situation with Yukos claims against Russia.” “This is the first official review of all enforcement proceedings against Russia in a single country,” — said Kondakov.

According to him, at the request of representatives of Yukos, suspended enforcement proceedings on the claim in the UK. Scheduled for a November court hearing in London, he said, is canceled. Kondakov added that litigation in France, Belgium and the United States continue.

On Monday, he said that former Yukos shareholders renounced all claims to the Russian Federation a plot of land in Paris, where a spiritual and cultural center.

20 April 2016, the Hague regional court cancelled the decision of arbitration on the payment of $50 billion to shareholders of Yukos. Latest ready in August to appeal against the decision of the district court local appellate court.