Golikova called the close to exhaustion of reserves of economy at the expense of the population

Reserve savings at the expense of the population is close to exhaustion, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova in an interview with RNS. “Yes, unfortunately, we have a growing number of citizens who are below the poverty line,” he said in response to a question.

According to her, while the chamber observes a negative trend, including for the first half of 2016. “Real disposable monetary incomes of the population decreased by 5%, the real gross average monthly salary decreased by 8.8%,” — said Golikova.

In her opinion, the forecast of socio-economic development of Russia should contain the options of measures to support the economy and population, as well as evaluating their consequences, however, now significant the burden on citizens is not given.

“As for the burden on the citizen. Such estimates for some number of years ago was placed on the stage of formation of the budget. Now this is not regarded as significant, although the mechanisms of state support in relation to individual citizens should be built on the basis of such estimates,” — said Golikova.

She noted that communication of authorities with citizens says about the “huge number of flaws. “People don’t understand how the money is spent, but see what happens. It is necessary to make decisions. And not always at the top. You should be able to abandon the usual, but, unfortunately, we don’t have difficult”, — said the head of the accounting chamber.

In April 2016 the Russians experienced the strongest since may 2015, the decline in real income, showed the data of Rosstat. In addition, in the spring increased and unemployment rate: March it increased to 6%, despite the fact that a few months before that kept at the level of 5.8%.

At the end of June to combat unemployment, the government allocated 776 million rubles, which were to help to provide jobs for more than 25 thousand people, in search of work or at risk of dismissal.