In the wires of the Olympic team was attended by about 70 athletes

Solemn farewell ceremony of the Russian team at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro took place in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and was attended by about 70 athletes of the national team, the correspondent of TASS.

“Waited for this day with impatience, worried. You know what the situation is. But it’s time all doubts to ignore: the Russian team going to the Olympics. The whole country will be rooting twice as hard than before,” said attending the event, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov.

“All the inhabitants of the vast country will survive and rejoice in the victories. And victory, I am sure, will be. Really want the athletes are not distracted by provocations and insinuations, to go towards its goal,” — said Zhukov.