In Turkey fired more than 1.6 thousand military

After the military coup in Turkey, the authorities decided to dismiss another 1684 military, Hurriyet reported, citing a government decree.

Among the dismissed military are 87 generals, 726 officers and 256 non-commissioned officers of the army. In addition, fired 32 Admiral of the naval forces, 59 officers, 63 petty officers, and 30 generals of the air force, 314 officers and 117 non-commissioned officers.

Earlier, the authorities took the decision to close 131 of the media in the framework of the emergency rule. Among private publications were 45 Newspapers, 29 publishing houses, 15 magazines, 23 radio stations and other media.

These decisions came after, as in Turkey on the night of July 16, attempted a military coup. The rebels seized some government buildings in Istanbul and Ankara, but later the authorities announced the suppression of the coup. According to them, its inspiration is Fethullah Gulen living in the United States Turkish writer and former preacher and Imam. However, it is involvement in the coup denies.

After a coup attempt the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared in the country state of emergency for a period of three months. In addition, Turkey has suspended the European Convention on human rights.

“The aim of introduction of state of emergency will be a quick and effective measures to prevent threats to democracy, the rule of law, rights and freedoms of our citizens,” — said Erdogan.

The country was followed by the detention and arrests. The Minister of internal Affairs Alu Arcana day July 27, said that after the attempted coup were arrested more than 15 thousand people. Among them were more than 10 thousand soldiers, all of them are suspected of involvement in the coup attempt.

According to the authorities of Turkey, the coup involved military 8651 that составляет1,5% of the personnel of the armed forces. The rebels used armored vehicles 246, 37 tanks, 37 helicopters and 35 aircraft.