Russia informed the UN about a sharp rise in its military spending

Russia gave the UN the annual information about their military expenditures in 2015, when the confrontation with NATO, multiplied by the participation in the Syrian conflict, they reached 2.9 trillion, an increase of nearly a trillion compared to the previous year.

But declared to the UN military expenditure, despite a 50% increase, still proved to be lower than the budgetary allocations under section “national defense”, which amounted to almost RUB 3.2 trillion according to the budget execution for the year 2015.

In 2014, Russia declared to the UN military expenditure 1.96 trillion and the Federal budget expenditures by section “national defense” for the same year amounted to 2.48 trillion RUB.

Military economist Vasily Zatsepin from the Institute of Gaidar believes that the underestimation of the Russian data on military expenditures to the United Nations concerning the expenditures of the Federal budget under section “national defense” “questioned the quality and intentions of the Russian side”. According to his calculations based on budget data, the aggregate direct and indirect military spending, calculated by the UN standard, in 2015 amounted to 4.28 trillion roubles, or 5.3% of GDP.

The UN standard, first developed in 1980, suggests that countries report on expenditure on military personnel, operations and maintenance, procurement and the establishment of a weapons research and development. Under the “military spending” refers to “all financial resources that a state spends on the needs and functions of its armed forces.” The UN expects that the information must be “complete” and “exhaustive”. They may include expenditure on paramilitary forces (Paramilitary forces), such as internal forces or the border guard.

Russia submits to the UN data on actual military expenditures from 1992, but in 2014, reporting only the “simplified format”, revealing the figures for the armed forces (army — Navy — air force — “other”) and major cost categories (personnel operations and maintenance procurement and production). Data on expenditures on military research and development Russia at the UN, although in the Federal budget, the expenditures on Applied research in the field of national defence”, and they in 2015, growing at a faster pace.

In 2015, Russia has spent on the Navy is 700 billion rubles, and at air force — 662 billion rubles, and the army — 583 billion rubles, follows from the statements of the Russian Federation to the UN. While the costs of military personnel in the army was more than the Navy and air force, to 221 billion rubles. against 110 and 86 bln, respectively.

More than 40% of the cost of the Navy — 301 billion of the 700 I had on shopping and making weapons.

In General, there is nothing surprising in Russia’s data for UN no: these expenses were planned before the crisis, when they had a three-year budget, according to the expert of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Andrey Frolov. “In early 2010-ies no secret that these costs will rise. And the cost of the state defense order will grow by more in percentage and in absolute terms, than the total military spending”, — said the expert.

Although Russia has this year submitted information to the UN with a delay (it is recommended to submit no later than April 30), other countries care about transparency in military expenditures is much smaller: for example, the latest accounts of the United States in the UN database is dated 2013, Canada — 2013 UK — 2013, China — 2010.

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