The Ministry agreed on a tax reform of the Russian oil industry

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of energy have reached a conceptual agreement on changes in petroleum taxation and the transition to collecting added tax income (JPM). About this “Vedomosti” said two of the negotiators.

Previously, the Ministry could not agree on the procedure of transition to the new regime for new fields, said the sources. The energy Ministry tried to defend them the right to voluntarily decide whether to switch to the new mode. However, the Finance Ministry, said the sources insisted, and the Ministry of energy agreed with the mandatory transition to the new calculations of all new deposits.

Under the new rules NDM will be 50%, instead of the duty and mineral extraction tax will be charged only met. “While the new parameters load from severance tax for Mature fields is significantly reduced, and for new with benefits — slightly increased”, — the newspaper notes.

The representative of the energy Ministry told the publication that the issue is still under discussion. One of the officials said that the final decision will be made at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, and now still have technical differences. The representative Dvorkovich said that in the next two weeks, such a meeting is not scheduled.

Three Federal officials confirmed to the newspaper that the acceleration of the tax maneuver being actively discussed. In 2017, the duties that fall in 2015, according to the law, they will fall to 30%. The Finance Ministry wants to reset them automatically disappear and benefits. That is why the oilmen PDM becomes a “very attractive option”, said the publication Advisor participating in the discussions.

Reports that the Ministry of Finance is preparing a tax reform for the oil industry, appeared in January 2016. The reform included the abolition of benefits for a number of fields. According to Vygon Consulting, a total of various tax incentives now apply to 198 fields in Russia.