“Vedomosti” reported on the business of a family of Belyaminov

However, according to the Deputy Director of the center for anti-corruption research and initiatives “transparency international Russia” Ilya Shumanov, “relatives of the second level is employed in large state-owned companies such as Transneft. In his opinion, it is much more valuable to have his own business.

The publication notes that the database “SPARK-Interfax” there is no information of any businesses Belyaninovo, which is a huge part of his life in the civil service.

The newspaper found that in 2006, the wife of Belyaminov Lyudmila became the owner of the company “Belye rosy” in Mytishchi, but in the end of 2009 100% of this company passed to his daughter Svetlana. The company is engaged in letting of own real estate, at the end of 2014, it showed a net profit of almost 36 million rubles.

Ludmila is also the co-owner of holding the St. Andrew’s hospital, from 2009, it owns 60% in the medical center “Nebolit”, learned newspaper. On the website medical center States that one of its partners is the Central clinical hospital of the Federal customs service. The website also States that the medical group St. Andrew’s hospital — Nebolit” established in 2002, it is composed of five multidisciplinary clinics: on Leninsky Prospekt and Varshavskaya highway, Moscow, as well as clinics in Troitsk, Moscow and Mytishchi.

At the end of 2014, the medical center “Nebolit” earned more than 63.1 million RUB net profit, its revenues exceeded $ 429 million rubles, the newspaper said.