Merkel presented the plan of struggle against the attacks of the Islamists

German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a press conference in Berlin pledged to thoroughly investigate the attacks in Germany by Islamists, reports Deutsche Welle. The Chancellor also called for the adoption of anti-terrorism measures at the European level.

According to Deutsche Welle, Merkel presented a plan of nine points. In particular, it proposed to create a single European Union information centre on refugees, to implement a system of early warning of attacks and to allow to bring the German army to carry out operations inside the country.

The Chancellor also reminded of the need to take European law on the arms trade and strengthen the integration of refugees into society.

Recent incidents involving migrants Merkel called a “mockery” over the host. “Attacks on refugees in Germany makes a mockery of those people who help them over those workers who really need protection,” she said.

The evening of July 18, a refugee from Afghanistan wounded four people with a knife in a suburban train in the North of Bavaria. July 24, a refugee from Syria exploded a bomb at the entrance to a music festival in the Bavarian town of Ansbach, wounding 12 people. In both cases, the responsibility for the attack has assumed a banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

In addition, as of July 24, another refugee from Syria killed one and wounded five people in the land of Baden-württemberg. This incident was a domestic conflict.

On July 22, the son of Iranian immigrants killed nine people and wounded dozens of people in Munich. Most of the victims were of foreign origin. The investigation revealed that the offender shared ultra-right views and spoke about his hatred for Turks and Arabs.

Merkel’s government last year decided to take up to a million refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. In Germany rushed hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from Asia and Africa. As of June 2016, Germany took 1.3 million refugees and approximately 496 thousand applications pending.