The communications Ministry has questioned the ability of Google to effectively conduct business in Russia

Nikolai Nikiforov has suggested that the decision of the Corporation related to the short-sighted policy and it will be fixed”.

“If Google applies so inattentive to the current Russian legislation and Russian names of settlements, it will not allow the company to effectively conduct business on the territory of Russia”, — said Nikiforov (quoted by TASS).

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov also wrote in his Facebook account that the decision of Google about the change of names of settlements is pandering to the “Russophobic hysteria of Kiev”. “Kiev calls it de-communization, although in fact, under high-sounding title hides the cave Russophobia and a desire to destroy everything that reminds us of the common history of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia”, — wrote Aksenov.

He noted that Google Maps was misleading users, slipping them propaganda instead of real maps”.

Earlier Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Dmitry Polonsky said that those who decided to rename cities and towns of the Crimea on Google maps “suffer topographical cretinism.” He noted that the company’s decision will affect the decline of interest of Russians to the service Google Maps. “We call their towns and villages as they are called in fact, and not as someone wants,” said Polonsky.

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In a press-service of the Russian office of Google for the request said that in the course of the situation and are working actively to return to the Russian version of “Google Maps” to their previous names.

On July 27, the American Corporation Google has renamed some settlements of the Crimea in the Ukrainian and Russian versions of the cards. For example, the village was renamed Krasnogvardeyskoye in Kurman, Kirovskoe, in islyam-Terek, and the village Soviet was called the testes is.