Transparency found at the former head of the customs house of undeclared

The organization “transparency international — Russia” found undeclared house by Andrei Belyaninov, who on Thursday, July 28, was dismissed from his post as head of the Federal customs service. As noted in the report of the NGO (at the disposal), we are talking about the residence of the official in the village of Bachurino in the Novomoskovsk district of the capital.

From the data of Rosreestr, referenced “transparency”, it follows that in this village full namesake Belianinov belongs to the house with an area of 1565,1 sq. m. According to the extract from Rosreestr, the house was registered on Belianinov in 2011. The building of the same area appeared in the declarations of the head of the FCS until 2014. In the last Declaration of this house is not specified.

“This house [which were searched] in the Declaration about the income of Andrey Yuryevich does not appear. Forget to declare the house in which you live, is an extremely unpleasant situation for the officer,” notes “transparency”.

The FTS representative said he could not comment on this information.

Belyaninov pointed income in the amount of RUB 12.9 million for 2015, his wife — 46.7 million In property Belianinov appear flat, land area 3200 sq. m and Lexus. Wife indicated in the Declaration of two plots of land, a house with an area of 298 sq. m, flat and five non-residential premises.

On Tuesday employees SKR and FSB have spent searches in the house and in the office Belyaninov, as well as in the offices of his deputies Ruslan Davydov and Andrey Strukov. Investigative activities were associated with the case of smuggling of alcohol, reported TFR. Have Belianinov house was seized about 10 million rubles., $400 thousand and €300 thousand, reported by TASS. Pictures of the search was published on the website “Газета.Ru”.

He Belyaninov said that it is private savings, which he started doing from the time when, having retired from the security organs, engaged in business, including banking. After a search Belyaninov was interrogated in the Main investigation Department of the TFR, but no charges were filed, and he remained in the status of the witness.

Earlier, a senior Federal official told me that Belyaninov been asked to resign. In the beginning of the year, according to the source, he wrote in the name of Putin a petition, but did not let go. The same was confirmed by a source close to the FSB. According to him, the head of Federal customs service filed several petitions in recent years, but every time Putin left.