Media reported about the new searches of Federal customs service

FSB officers came to search the Central apparatus of the Federal customs service (FCS), reports “New newspaper”.

It is likely that the results of the searches some senior members of the FCS will be delayed, the newspaper writes. In addition, the newspaper claims that three people from among the leadership of the FCS filed a letter of resignation.

A source close to the leadership of the FSB, confirmed that the building of the FCS investigations are carried out. The source of the Agency “RIA Novosti” claims that the searches are taking place are related to the case Mikhalchenko. However, the spokesperson of the FCS Ivan Sautin reported that no searches in the territory of the Central apparatus of the Ministry is not made.

On Tuesday this week, police searched the home and in the office of the head of service Andrei Belyaninov and his two deputies. Investigative actions were carried out in a criminal case on smuggling of alcohol, the main defendant was the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko. Thursday Belyaninov was dismissed as head of the Federal customs service, Friday in the Kremlin has declared that it “does not interfere” to pursue a career in the government. Belyaninov he hopes to pursue a career in the civil service, as he said yesterday during the presentation of the new head of service Vladimir Bulavinov team.

After the searches, as said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Belyaninov remained in the status of the witness.

A case of smuggling of alcohol, which are the figures of St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, Deputy CEO of the holding company “Forum” Boris Chorevski, Deputy head, Central Logistik North-West Anatoly] and Director of the South-Oriental trading company” Ilya Pichko, investigated in the fall of 2015. Investigators believe that Mikhalchenko and related persons illegally imported alcohol under the guise of the sealant, what has caused the Treasury a damage in 2 million rubles.

As told a source close to the leadership of the FSB, the intelligence services have long had claims to Belyaninovo. According to him, investigators of management of own safety of FSB have checked the head of the FCS in connection with the case, not only promised, but also the case of ULS Global, which appears in another case of smuggling. The source said that Belyaninov at the beginning of 2016 was going to resign. According to him, the head of the FCS doing it a few times in recent years, but each time, President Vladimir Putin refused to meet his request.