Parent committees have collected 100 thousand signatures against the dismissal Astakhov

On Friday, July 29, the Association of parental committees and communities (ARCS), transferred to the presidential administration a letter in support of the Commissioner for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov. This was told by a member of the Board of ARKS Anna Sadrieva.

ARKS — one of the largest parent organizations in Russia, it brings together about 80 communities, their number varies from 30 to 1,500 people. Congress ARKS in 2013 was visited by Vladimir Putin. According to Sadavoy, the collection of signatures was announced at the end of June, during this time, they managed to collect over 100 thousand. “Pavel is the correct policy, not only in childhood but also in protecting traditional family values. He is against the introduction in Russia of juvenile justice, against the sexual abuse of children, the introduction of the sex-lumen, gay propaganda,” he listed positive for the ARKS characteristics of Ombudsman for children Sadrieva.

In the parent Association are convinced that the latest scandal around the Commissioner carries a political subtext, says Sadrieva. We are talking about caused a wide public resonance to the phrase “so, how was your swim?” — this question Astakhov asked during interviews with survivors of the tragedy on the Syamozero children in mid-June of this year. Instead his question was answered which was at that time in the house of a woman, replied: “Thank God, survived.” After that, the Network began to circulate a petition to fire Astakhov. “We urge the state and society give to this statement an objective assessment”, — stated in the text of the petition published on the website It was signed by 159 thousand. “When a person works for such a position, there are those who want to put a spoke in the wheel,” says Sadriev.

In late June, sources close to the presidential administration and a source close to the leadership of the state Duma, said that in the near future Astakhov will leave his post; they argued that the Ombudsman wrote a letter of resignation at own will. To Astakhov in recent times there had been a lot of claims, explained the reason for the resignation, a source close to the Kremlin.

In addition to the scandal caused by its communication with the survivors of the tragedy on the Syamozero children, in the administration of the President took into account his statement about “shrivelled women, as well as a petition for The press service Astakhov information about the care of children’s Ombudsman, first not confirmed, but soon, during a briefing in Simferopol, the Commissioner acknowledged that the filed statement by Putin. “After a very serious and Frank conversation [with Russian President Vladimir Putin] I applied, but the decision of the President”, — said Astakhov.

After a few days, a source close to the presidential administration, familiar Astakhov and a source close to the leadership of the state Duma, said that the Commissioner will retire in September. Until that time, the Ombudsman again will take a vacation (before this he was vacationing in the Crimea), will celebrate its 50th anniversary and then will leave the post. But the ARKS are convinced that the petition for does not reflect the real attitude of Russians to their work, so it needs to stay.

“We believe that Pavel Astakhov — the best in this post. He really cares about our children and families both in Russia and abroad, conducting independent government policy in the sphere of childhood, based on our country’s family values,” write the representatives of the ARKS in his address to Putin. The authors of the appeal ask Putin not to dismiss Astakhov, and to provide him with the opportunity to continue to fulfill its mandate to protect children and families of Russia”. In addition to the signatures of ordinary citizens ARKS handed in a petition in support of the children’s Ombudsman 80 the parent organizations.

This is not the first collective appeal to the President in support of Astakhov. In early July, Putin wrote regional commissioners for children’s rights — they, like the ARKS, asking the President to leave the Ombudsman in office.

The representative Astakhov said that Putin has not yet signed the statement of the Ombudsman dismissal. “The situation remains unchanged. In August, a planned vacation,” — said the representative of the Ombudsman. A source in the office of the Commissioner specified that “no connection” between resignation and celebration of the anniversary, “no.” “The anniversary is a personal matter. And the resignation of the state. The President may decide at any time”, — said the source.