The commander of NATO in Europe was impressed by the progress of the Russian army

Speaking at a security forum in aspen, Scaparrotti said that he was impressed by how the Russian army has increased in just a few years. “They are learning. Their military doctrine is largely based on the old Soviet, but they look at the world around them and adapt their doctrine to changing conditions,” he said.

NATO commander also said the Russian arms. “In Syria, they launched missiles from submarines, ships, medium-sized bombers. This was not a special need, but they trained and showed their weapons. And I was also very impressed,” he said, Scaparotti.

On the question of the leader of the forum, what to do with modern Russia, the General said, treat it very seriously, especially increasing by yourself. “We also have to look at the world around us and be ready for new investments,” he added.

Also, Scaparotti said that even during his studies at West point, when he was a young officer, ready to fight with the Russians. “I have taught Russian language, because I was interested to learn the culture of our enemy,” he said.

According to him, was in his career and moments of cooperation with the Russian military. This happened in the Bosnian town of Tuzla in mid-1990-ies, when the American soldiers were near the positions occupied by Russian peacekeepers.

Scaparrotti succeeded as commander of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove. Almost immediately after his appointment, he urged the Alliance to be ready to fight the “resurgent Russia”. He said that Moscow seeks to “project itself as a world power”. At the same time NATO, in his opinion, should remain flexible in this situation.

The Russian foreign Ministry statement, Scaparotti then called nothing more than big words. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, in turn, stressed that a resurgent Russia for anybody not a threat, speaking for the joint resolution of conflicts.