The Finance Ministry said the current state of the Russian economy “center of the storm”

The lack of reforms in the Russian economy could lead to a waste of reserves by the end of 2017. About this first Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko said on the forum “Territory meanings.”

“If nothing changes, by the end of next year we will not have reserves nor the ability to pay salaries, we will have serious economic problems. The public sector is our main internal challenge,” Nesterenko said (quoted by TASS)

According to the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance, the current state of the Russian economy can be characterized as the “storm center”. “The storm is a condition when everything calms down. When everything looks quiet and well, but actually we are already in this center”, — quotes its RIA Novosti. According to Nesterenko, the politicians should make decisions that will allow this center of the storm hard, but to go in managed mode”.

“What we have got and will be turbulence — it is obvious, — continued the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance. But how to get out of this? Whether it’s chaotic or we’ll be there to form policy that will help us painlessly from this situation out.” The stability of the situation, she said, is now provided only at the expense of reserves.