The leader of the party of pensioners was dismissed after allegations of pressure from the Kremlin

Extraordinary Congress of the Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS) voted to release Evgeny Artyukh from the post of Chairman of the RPPS in connection with loss of trust, reports TASS. “A majority of Eugene p. Artyukh released from the post of Chairman of the party”, — announced the Chairman of the Central Council of RPPS Vladimir Burakov, was appointed acting Chairman of the party. For a decision voted 50 people, three were against and two abstained. All present at the Congress of 55 delegates from 47 regions.

The conflict in RPPS began after its leadership failed to agree with the presidential administration a list candidates for the upcoming state Duma elections. On 15 July, the Presidium of the Russian party of pensioners for justice has decided to exclude from the list of candidates of ex-governors of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, the Nenets Autonomous district Vladimir Butov, Pskov region, Yevgeny Mikhailov, and Deputy of the state Duma Oleg Savchenko and former mayor of Kaliningrad Yury Savenko.

Artyukh insisted that the decision illegal (to change the list of candidates may only exit), and told that the members of the Presidium of the RPPS did it under pressure. He claimed that five minutes before Congress called him by unknown people and asked them to change the list, citing the “high offices.” “I do not exclude that there was pressure on members of the Bureau, remains only to guess, from anyone,” said Artyukh. A few days later the member of the Presidium of the Central Council of RPPS Nikolay Artyukh Polinata accused in the attempt of raider capture of the party.

19 Jul Artyukh published an open appeal to President Vladimir Putin, which complained about the pressure on the party by the high-ranking official from the presidential administration. The pensioners ‘ party put forward a competitive list is “not everyone liked it”, says the appeal Artyukh. According to him, the day before Congress called him, referring to the “view from above”, and demanded to remove from the list a few “wrong” candidates. On last week’s “employee of the presidential administration Prokopenko T. V. actively invited to the conversation, some members of the Presidium of the party”, in the course of these conversations they were told that the lists of party you want to exclude a few people. Artyukh meant the curator of the parties in the Kremlin, Deputy head of Department on internal policy of Timur Prokopenko. “We have worked and will work with all parties, who themselves turn to us,” — said in response to this high-ranking source in the Kremlin. However, he refused more detailed comments, and all other issues are forwarded to the CEC.

In the end, the CEC has excluded from the list of the Russian party of pensioners for justice 42 candidates, including Mikhail Yurevich, and refused to certify a list of single-mandate (among whom was myself Artyukh). The party leadership appealed the decision to the Supreme court, but the judicial Board on administrative Affairs of the armed forces dismissed the claim. 22 Jun Artyukh tried to convene an extraordinary Congress for approval of the list of single-mandate, but it failed for lack of quorum.