The media learned about the Russian trace in the cyber attack on the headquarters of Hillary Clinton

The computer system used by the election headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was hacked, apparently the result of a cyber attack by Russian security services, the source said law-enforcement bodies of the USA newspaper the New York Times.

A cyber attack on the computer systems of the headquarters Clinton reported earlier by Reuters, citing informed sources. In the staff said that the hacking had not affected its internal systems, but hackers gained access to the program for data analysis.

This was the third attack on the American Democrats.

22 July, WikiLeaks posted the emails and documents of the National Committee of the Democratic party, associated with Clinton. They had discovered the conspiracy of the employees of the Committee against a former member of the presidential race Bernie Sanders.

The New York Times, citing employees of several companies in the field of computer security, wrote that the cyber attack discovered the “Russian trace”. Then the newspaper wrote that, as reported by U.S. intelligence agencies to the White house, with “high probability” for tampering with the mail are the Russian authorities.

Later, Reuters, citing four people familiar with the source reported that the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) began an investigation into the hacking of the networking Committee of the US Democratic party in Congressional elections. Then, it was reported that a cyber attack can also be Russian hackers. On Saturday, Reuters, citing people familiar with the situation sources wrote that the attackers gained access, in particular, to all electronic correspondence of the Committee.

According to the interviewees Reuters, the national security division of the justice Department is investigating whether cyber attacks to national security. Part of this Department, according to sources close to the investigation, means that the administration of President Barack Obama came to the conclusion that the hacking attacks were sponsored by any state.

Campaign Manager Clinton after the attack on the national Committee Democrats United States said that the hacking was allowed “the Russians to help Donald trump. He several times commented on these allegations, calling them ridiculous and far-fetched.
In the Kremlin, in turn, called the accusations “absurd.”