The media learned about the Russian trace in the new hacking of the networks of the democratic party USA

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) began an investigation into the hacking of the networking Committee of the Democratic party of the United States congressional (DCCC), told Reuters four people familiar with the source. The Association has been fundraising for Democrats, who are fighting for seats in the house of representatives.

According to two interlocutors of Agency, the attack could take place in June this year. The attackers registered the fake website with the name, which almost coincides with the name of the primary website for donations directly linked to the DCCC. In the end, some time the traffic for the transfer of money, went to a dummy page, instead of having to go to a company that handles donations, according to two of Reuters.

The interlocutors said that the IP address of the website-double resembled one used one of the two Russian groups, which presumably broke into the network of the National Committee of the Democrats (DNC). According to Reuters, the criminals could be getting information about the sponsors of the democratic party, not stealing money.

In June, computer security experts said the break-in at the network headquarters Democrats groups allegedly linked to Russia. To solve the problem involved in the company CrowdStrike. It said that we are talking about joins and Cozy Bear Fancy Bear. Experts pointed to a possible link of hackers from the Russian FSB and GRU.

The Kremlin then exclude the possibility of participation in the attack of the Russian state structures. Responsibility for breaking assumed the hacker is a loner, he promised that the Democrats will be documents posted on WikiLeaks. In the end, the website has published letters which showed that the leadership of the democratic party supported Hillary Clinton in the fight for presidential nomination to the detriment of Bernie Sanders.

The New York Times, citing experts on computer security, wrote that in the metadata of uploaded documents traces passing through the computers with the multi-language settings. These traces were as in the code, which in June used to penetrate the network of the DNC.

July 24, campaign Manager, Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook told ABC television that the leaked documents were allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”. The trump has called these claims a joke. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called these allegations absurd, and said the “manic attempts to” use Moscow for the American elections.

The head of the U.S. N. I. James Clapper said that while early to speak about a person’s responsibility for breaking of mail of the Democrats. However, he did not rule out that Russia may try to influence the political process in the United States.