Washington has declared Russia’s attempts to look equal to the United States a superpower

In Washington admit that Moscow may try to exert pressure on political processes in the United States, as is the case with other countries. This was stated by Director of National intelligence James Clapper, speaking at a security forum in aspen, reports Bloomberg.

According to Clapper, Russia is trying to maintain the appearance that is a superpower equal to the United States. “Russia has used, uses and will use the methods, approaches and techniques to bypass the military confrontation, to create the appearance that it is a great power on par with the US,” said Clapper. According to him, the vision of Moscow equal to the Washington wants President Vladimir Putin, points out Politico. The head of state Clapper called “a relic of the Imperial era”.

The question involved whether Moscow for tampering with the mail of the national Committee of the Democratic party, Clapper replied that to make such conclusions premature. However, he did not rule out that Russian authorities will try to influence processes in the United States as well as in other States. “It’s easy to imagine that they have the motivation to do the same in the United States,” he said.

The head of N. I. also asked whether he thinks that is at war with Russia. “It is the nature of intelligence. If you want to put it in such a context, we quote, in the war,” said Clapper. And added that USA round the clock carry out intelligence operations aimed at Russia and other opponents, reports ABC News.