Armenia’s President vowed to accelerate reforms after the events in Yerevan

After the capture of an armed group “Sasna tsrer” of the regiment PPP in Yerevan, which lasted two weeks and led to the deaths of two police officers in the country needs to carry out political reforms, said on Monday the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan at the meeting with public and political figures, representatives of legislative and Executive authorities, mass media, and also of the clergy, headed by the Catholicos of all Armenians.

“One thing is clear — in public and political life must accelerate the process of radical changes. We cannot tolerate even the thought of the possibility of solving issues with weapons. Next [attempt] can be damaging to our country,” the President warned (quoted by “Interfax”).

Sargsyan also said that law enforcement was ready to plan decisive action against the invaders, but “considered a classic in such situations, solutions can be avoided.

The situation with the capture Sargsyan called unacceptable, its outcome “is yet to come”. “It should be made a full and impartial investigation, an open investigation. Everyone must answer for their actions only before the law. All attempts at personal revenge will be stopped by force of law,” he promised.

The President said reforming the government. “At this stage our goal is the formation of government of national consent, where the implementation decisions will be under the responsibility of a wide field of agreement. Constitutional reforms implemented with this purpose. The government of national consensus is not about getting posts, and on the distribution of political responsibility. With confidence say that within months we will have is a government, that kind of power. We’re heading that way,” said Sargsyan. The formation of a government of national trust was one of the demands of the invaders.

Necessary to reform the actions of the Armenian authorities have taken. In December last year in a referendum approved a new Constitution that strengthens the powers of Parliament and the election, not popular vote, the head of state. The opposition and some experts explained that this initiative is the fact that Sargsyan is ending his second term, but he wanted to retain power. Strengthening the role of Parliament and the Prime Minister will allow him to take the Premiership.

Sargsyan last summer, has said that reform is needed, as the political system of Armenia overpersonalizing and verhandelten.

Parliamentary elections, after which the changes will come into force, will be held in the country in 2017.