Holding, Aram Gabrelyanov, has ceased to publish “news”

“News” is officially separated from the holding News Media Aram Gabrelyanov, told two people in the newspaper and holding. The newspaper belongs to the National media group (NMG, President — Kirill Kovalchuk, the nephew of businessman Yuri Kovalchuk), but a publisher of “News” since 2011 was the News Media (this also includes the channel Life, sites Super.ru and Marker.ru). On August 1, the newspaper is restored to its previous legal entity — OJSC “Newspaper Izvestiya” (also controlled NMG), told the interlocutors . Gabrelyanov refused to comment. The representative of the “News” promised to provide them later.

All the paper’s staff to sign new contracts from 1st August they will be included not in the News Media, as it was still, and OJSC “Newspaper Izvestiya”. According to sources , the newspaper now and its General Director — Oleksiy Plotnikov, he previously served as marketing Director of “Xerox Russia”.

Located office of “Izvestia” also now to be separate from the News Media. If still the paper’s staff were in the building holding Gabrelyanov in Paper alley, but now they have their own office in the Party lane. Next is the REN TV channel, is also a member of NMG.

In the early years the newspaper has been replaced by the chief editor. Instead of Alexander Potapov, who was left to manage the website of the channel Life, a newspaper came a former Vice-Governor of Kaluga region Arseny Oganesyan.

Gabrelyanov finally from the management of the newspaper. He ceases to be a publisher, but remains Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Izvestia”, as well as the Deputy Director General of National media group. In the planning meetings of the newspaper he was not involved, but still negotiates headlines and personnel issues, says one of the interlocutors .

Informed sources close to the Kremlin and the holding company, told about the plans Gabrelyanov completely away from the management of the newspaper. They explained this by the fact that he lost interest in the newspaper, as well as difficulties with revenues. Gabrelyanov now would cease to lead the Board of Directors of the newspaper, said the source of News Media. But now this does not happen, he agreed with the leadership that will take care of it, says one of the interlocutors. According to him, Gabrelyanov will read headlines at least in the period of the Duma campaign.

Gabrelyanov is known for its good relations with the political block of the Kremlin and its curator, the first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin. The newspaper frequently reported on the important initiatives of the Kremlin, and also published columns by Pro-Kremlin experts.

Prior to 2008, “News” was owned by the holding company “Gazprom-Media”, and then publishing bought NMG. The publisher has made by OJSC “Newspaper Izvestiya”, but in 2011, the newspaper has engaged in News Media Gabrelyanov. The journalists moved to its holding of the historical building on Tverskaya.

According to the contract with NMG News Media for managing “News”, News Media handled all personnel and organizational issues of the publication. For all editions of the holding was the General legal, information, advertising service, and distribution service. Under the contract NMG has taken only 10% of the income of “Izvestia”, the remaining 90% remained in the News Media and were spent on the development of the newspaper, told Gabrelyanov informed. According to the SPARK database, in 2014, revenue of OJSC “Newspaper Izvestiya” made 315,7 mln., net profit — 51 million rubles.