In Yerevan dispersed the protesters had seized the building

In the capital of Armenia is exempt from demonstrators in the area around armed group seized the building of the regiment of the patrol service of the police, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

According to him, the operation to disperse the demonstrators was carried out by the police in parallel with the two sides of the building captured by the regiment.

Information on dispersal is confirmed by the correspondent of “RIA Novosti”. According to him, the police warned the crowd that the rally was prohibited, and launched stun bombs. Then the arrests started.

As writes “Interfax”, about 50 people were detained, in particular the Vice-Chairman of the opposition party “Heritage” Armen Martirosyan.

Later, the Agency with reference to press Secretary of the Ministry of health of Armenia Anahit Haytayan wrote that, according to preliminary data, about 15 people asked for medical help.

The area was cordoned off reinforced police squads.

As the correspondent of TASS, the troops, the police managed to stabilize the situation in the building. According to his information, police arrested “dozens” of opposition activists, the data on that yet.

During the crackdown affected employees mass media: journalists of radio “Liberty” Karlen Aslanian and Hovhannes Movsisyan, journalist, electronic newspaper “A1+” he received burns from the explosion of grenades — the journalist and the operator of the website “Civilnet”, reports “Interfax”. According to Life, as a result of clashes between police and protesters have injured the operator of this publication.

One of the houses in Yerevan about the captured buildings caught fire as a result of the use of stun grenades.

On July 17, an armed group of the “Sasna tsrer” (“the Violent of Sasun”) seized the branch PPP in Yerevan. A policeman was killed Arthur Vanoyan, six more were injured.

At first, the attackers demanded the release from prison of a party to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh Zhirayr Sefilyan, a suspect in the illegal acquisition and possession of weapons. Then the invaders demanded the resignation of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.

On Friday afternoon, July 29, between the occupants of the building police and law enforcement authorities the shooting occurred, which injured three members of an armed group “Sasna tsrer”.

Later, the opposition rally turned into a March to the captured by an armed group in the territory of the police station. The participants at one point broke through a police cordon, trying to approach the seized building.