Opponents of the Governor of the Tver region refused to allow the elections

On Friday, the election Commission of the Tver region has refused to the Communist Vadim Solovyov registration as a candidate in governors of the Tver region, said Soloviev.

The refusal was caused by violations during the delivery of signatures. Communist presented signatures of members only of the 28 municipal districts and urban districts, and for registering as a candidate for Governor must 33.

Soloviev insists that it had to register, since it was reported missing five signatures later when members of the regional election Commission notified them about the shortage.

“We will analyze the situation and think what to do further”, — the Communist noted, adding that they are considering two options how to challenge the decision of the regional electoral Commission — through the courts or through a complaint to the CEC.

Earlier Solovyov has filed a complaint against the interim decision of the electoral Commission about the shortfall against money held signatures, which the Board made on Monday.

A member of the CEC Nikolai Levichev, commenting on the complaint Solovyov, expressed the opinion that the election Commission of the Tver ruled in accordance with the law. “No he didn’t interfere, he tried under the arms to make to candidates for Governor, but there is a direct violation of the law” — said Levichev.

Solovyov believes that it is not allowed for the elections, as it is a strong competitor acting Governor Igor farm, with taking part in elections from “an United Russia”.

At the local headquarters of “United Russia” insist that it is not interfered with Solovyov, and on the contrary, even helped the Communists to collect signatures to pass the municipal filter. Solovyov denied it.

Tver and Ulyanovsk oblast are the most promising for the opposition in the upcoming elections, said political analyst Alexander Kynev.