Putin pardoned the two Russians

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pardoned two citizens of Russia Victor Kudryavtsev and Alexey Kazamkin. The relevant decrees published on the official portal of legal information.

Kudryavtsev was sentenced to three years of imprisonment under part 5 of article 264 criminal code (violation by the person administering car, traffic rules, entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health of the person and the death of two persons). The court found that he, driving a BMW car in the village Kostrova Kaliningrad region violated the traffic rules and crashed into a “KAMAZ” with the trailer, killing the passengers of the BMW, the 1981 and 2003, the birth, and suffered serious injuries to another passenger, born in 2003.

Kazamkin was found guilty under part 2 of article 111 of the criminal code and sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment. As the court concluded, in the Nizhnevartovsk region during a quarrel with a man named N. D.Yu., have arisen on the basis of personal hostile relations, Kazamkin intentionally inflicted the last stab in the chest.

In June the President pardoned the Hope Savchenko, who was sentenced in Russia to 22 years of imprisonment. 25 may, she returned to the Ukraine and Russia, in turn, was returned by a Ukrainian court sentenced Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov, which in Kiev called “GRU soldiers.”

Putin later pardoned of two citizens of Ukraine — Yuriy Soloshenko, who in October 2015, was sentenced to six years in strict regime on charges of espionage, and Gennady Afanasiev sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of preparing terrorist acts in Crimea and the creation of a terrorist community. They arrived in Ukraine at the same time as journalists Vitaly Didenko and Elena Gledenskaya in Moscow Vnukovo airport.

In may, Putin pardoned former policeman — ex-the employee of management of own safety of the municipal Department of internal Affairs across Moscow region Stanislav Somov, who was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment in a penal colony for robbery. The decree of the head of state then noted that the decision the President made, guided by the principles of humanity.

In January 2015, the Russian leader signed a decree to pardon all three convicts. In 2014, Putin signed two decrees to pardon a year earlier — five, one of whom was pardoned by former head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky.