Putin received the parade in honor of Navy day in St. Petersburg

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in the parade dedicated to the Day of the Navy (Navy), which takes place in St. Petersburg, reports TASS.

The head of state on the boat “St. Seraphim of Sarov passed build 16 warships of the Russian fleet and congratulated the crews on the holiday. Putin also drove past the crews of submarines and support vessels. For the first time in the parade was attended by the patrol ship “Admiral Essen”, which became part of the Russian fleet on 7 June.

Place of honor in the parade took the ship, who have shown the best results in combat training during the exercise and conduct of the maneuvers. Among them — the Corvette “courageous”, the submarine “Krasnodar” and the small anti-submarine ship “Kazan”.

The military event involved about missile boat “Dimitrovgrad”, landing boat “Denis Davydov”, small anti-submarine ship “Urengoy”, base minesweeper BT-115 and “Alexander Obukhov, RAID minesweeper RT-57, and also towing and the special court of the Leningrad naval base.

The President also visited the cruiser Aurora, which is in early July, Peter returned to the promenade after two years of reconstruction. The head of state arrived to the cruiser on the boat, climbed on Board, made the report of the commander of the ship and greeted the crew.

Putin took part in the parade of ships of the Baltic fleet, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the parade of ships of the Baltic fleet Video: Channel