The aircraft of the Polish air force forced to land light aircraft from Russia

According to the newspaper Polska the Times, two F-16 fighter of the Polish air force intercepted a Russian light aircraft that crossed the border and flew in the direction of Krakow. The pilot was forced to reroute and land the plane on the airfield in the city of Radom, South of Warsaw.

According to the publication, the pilot was detained and his plane was put in the hangar.

Officially, the Polish Ministry of defence has not confirmed the information about the incident, stating that this requires a formal request.

According to the newspaper, the Russian pilot had to participate in the championship in aerobatics and came to Poland a bit earlier than their colleagues in advance to start training.

Polska the Times also cites the opinion of local aviation experts, who say that the Polish air force thus responded to a small plane, practicing the system of monitoring of air space. They took advantage of the fact that in Krakow arrived, Pope Francis, and therefore were adopted special security measures.

While a source in the defense system said that the incident showed the willingness of Poland to such cases.