The court refused to send the Bulk to the colony

Lublin court of Moscow on Monday refused to satisfy the petition of the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) the replacement of conditional term with real imprisonment. This is the correspondent from the courtroom.

The judge in his decision noted that Navalny, who regularly comes to be noted in the inspection, the last time notified on the entry. The court did not find his actions egregious violations. Navalny after the announcement of the decision, thanked the journalists who came to the court. According to him, the support of the people forcing the courts to make such decisions.

The Federal penitentiary service appealed to the court, where it described in detail the violations of the opposition: for the year four times he came to check in on No. 11 later for a few days. So, Bulk does not come on 1 Oct, 15 Oct, 5 Nov and 7 July, the presentation service of execution of punishment (published in the blog of Navalny). On indicates that the first time the opposition referred to the fact that I was on vacation in Gelendzhik, the second on feeling bad, the third one on a trip to Kazan, and the last on vacation in Karelia.

According to the FSIN, these violations are nothing other than the systematic failure convicted of their duties. In court, the representative of the Federal penitentiary service Antonina Bazarov asked to change the punishment and send the Bulk to the colony.

The Prosecutor’s office supported the request of the Federal penitentiary service, as stated by the representative of the Lublin regional Prosecutor’s office.

Boat with motor

The politician’s lawyer Vadim Kobzev, the court explained that the first three violations had already been considered by the court last fall. On the last pass Navalny was notified on the advance was made by the defender. “I personally, on 6 July, went to the inspection and reported that Navalny is on vacation, will return to Moscow on July 11 and will immediately come. It was, ” said the lawyer. — It’s too minor violation”.

Stood up Navalny: “the verdict of the court, I have to report twice per month. I’m doing this, come in your corrections and notes. But I can’t leave Moscow more than two weeks. They made a schedule and I have another work trip, there are children who have holidays,” he said. On refuses to move the dates of the visits, explained the opposition leader.

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“What do you want? So I stopped working, stopped going on vacation with children, became an alcoholic and antisocial personality? Here a document of the cottage rental and rubber boats with a motor — Bulk got a file with the printout of the reservation. — The seventh day, I was driving a boat with a motor, and know all about it. In his opinion, the view of the FSIN is not than other as attempt to put pressure on the Fund of struggle against corruption, which conducts a resonant inquiry. “Send signals that you don’t need to do certain investigation,” — said the oppositionist.

Two attempts

The FSIN is not the first time asks to change the Bulk of the punishment. In October 2015, on asked to extend the trial period for the opposition. The reason except three passes began enforcement proceedings to recover with Navalny and his younger brother Oleg of 4.5 million RUB. by the verdict of the Zamoskvoretsky court of the capital.

In December 2014, the court acknowledged brothers Navalny guilty of embezzlement of money companies “Yves Rocher Vostok” and the IPC, for which the firm provided the Bulk of services for the carriage of goods.

The court sentenced Oleg Navalny to three and a half years in prison, and Alexei Navalny to the same punishment with a probation period of five years.

The brothers also jointly and severally had to pay the company the IPC RUB 4.5 million To collect the amount of the bailiffs initiated enforcement proceedings and even tried to produce an inventory of the property in the apartment of Alexei Navalny. But in October last year, the Lublin court gave the opposition credit.

Now the whole amount is repaid, the presentation of inspection.
And in June 2015 the Lublin court extended the probationary period Bulk in the first case is about embezzlement of funds of the company “Kirovles”. Thus, the punishment in the first case Bulk expires in January 2019, the second — at the end of December of the same year. Then the reason for consideration was the administrative arrest of the opposition leader, whom police detained in the subway, where he handed out leaflets with information about the campaign.