The FSB found the virus for spying in networks of government agencies and defense companies

The Russian Federal security service (FSB) reported infected by a virus designed to cyberclick, networks, 20 “of the critical infrastructure of the country.” This was reported in the public relations center of the FSB.

“The contamination affected the information resources of public authorities and management, scientific and military establishments, enterprises of the military-industrial complex and other critical infrastructure of the country”, — told in the secret service.

Infecting networks with malware by the FSB called the “professionally planned” operation. The Agency also stated that “the targeted nature of the attack”.

According to experts, the virus “style of writing, the name of the files, settings, use of infections and methods” similar to the malware that was used for cyber espionage in Russia and around the world. In FSB have noticed that the sets for this software are made individually for each victim based on the unique characteristics of personal electronic computing machines (computers, mobile phones. — ) we are going to attack the attackers.

The virus spreads by sending email messages that contain a malicious attachment. “After its introduction into the system, the malware loads the necessary modules from considering the characteristics of the victim, and then capable of intercepting network traffic, it is listening, taking screenshots of the screen turn itself on web cameras and microphones, mobile devices, record audio and video files, keyboard and the like”, — told the FSB.